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Pet Parent Paradise

Gulfport Pet Sitter Services

 Since 2012! Cats, dogs, small caged animals and more all welcome!



Why Should You Choose Pet Parent Paradise?

Posted on March 1, 2016 at 9:04 PM Comments comments (0)
There are a lot of reputable pet care choices in this area.  

First I am going to go over what each type does for you....
A professional pet sitter (like yours truly) comes to your home.  We bring in your mail, bring up your trash can, alternate lighting and do perimeter checks to ensure a "lived in" look so that your home is more protected while you are away.  We also water some plants. We take care of your pets in the comfort of their own home in the way that is normal to them as to not disrupt their normal lives.  
A professional boarder cares for pets in the boarder's home (you bring your furry crew to them).  They will typically be around other animals so a well socialized animal is a huge plus if not a must.  Also they will ask for shot records to be up to date.  Your pets get to stay in "sleep away camp" if you will and typically the only time they are crated is when the boarder isn't home or for bed time - although some boarders are just fine with their charges sleeping where ever they like as long as they aren't destructive and are house-trained.
A professional kennel is a place that you bring your pets that are good with loud noises and socializing.  Some kennels let their charges out of their crates several times per day and exercise them and give tons of attention.  Some kennels let their charges out of their crates twice per day and don't put water in with them.  Kennels sometime second as "doggy day cares".
Whether choosing a kennel or boarder:  You need to ask questions and ask for a walk through.  The smell of the place and the way the animals act are usually a good sign of whether your pets will be happy at this kennel.
When choosing a pet sitter:  You need to ask if they have business liability insurance, are bonded and if they have references (or reviews on their facebook or other pages). This is a minimum - pet sitters have access to all of your belongings and your beloved pets.

So why choose Pet Parent Paradise?
Ummm...because you are absolutely brilliant.  ;)

I'm kidding (not really).  The reason you should choose Pet Parent Paradise is because we have a very large following, lots of references, all the things listed above, are honest and trustworthy and more. We show initiative and will go the extra mile to ensure your pet's safety and comfort.  And if we are not the right company for you or if we are booked I will gladly give you a list of other pet care professionals that may be able to assist you.  That's a big thing...we network with our competition.  We understand that there is a heck of a lot of people in this area and we can't help them all.  So instead of offering sub par service running around like chickens with our heads cut off (you are so welcome for the visual) we will point you in the right direction if it isn't us.

What else?  We try to help our animal community several times per year.  We have done fundraisers and needed-items donation drives.  We care.

While there are several good pet sitting companies out there, we sincerely hope that you choose Pet Parent Paradise to help you with your pet care needs and if we cannot, we will gladly point you in the direction of someone who might.

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to call us between our office hours of 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday.  Outside of those hours will be replied to during office hours.

Thank you so much in believing in us!